Ryan Warren

Tutor & Creative Director


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  • ACT
  • AP Exams
  • GMAT
  • GRE
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  • Bethesda, MD
  • Remote (Zoom, etc.)


Ryan is fascinated by sharing ideas with people, and has been doing so with PrepMatters since 2007.

Ryan grew up in Maine, doing the usual Maine nerd things: math club; theater; logic puzzles; playing tuba; going to independent movies; and shamelessly listening to punk rock, hip-hop, and cheesy 80’s pop anthems. You get the idea.

He has a BA in English and Philosophy from Gordon College (’05) and a JD from Georgetown Law Center (’10). Ryan spends his free time on way too many hobbies: cooking, reading, playing guitar, and hanging out with his family.


Listen carefully and openly. Give constructive feedback and direction. Listen some more.


Recent Writings

See Ryan’s recent thoughts on the ACT Science section, executive function, and more.


“I’m done with the GRE! 166 in verbal and 168 in math. Ryan was so helpful. He had great advice, worked with my individual learning style, and was very encouraging. PrepMatters is the best!”

- Hillary
Princeton University

“In my 12 years of military service, in both conventional and Special Operations units, I have gained a great deal of experience in training and education. I can strongly assert that I have never received more effective or professional training than that provided by PrepMatters. I was amazed at my rate of progress after just a few learning sessions. In preparation for my GRE, my relevant knowledge had severely atrophied since I had not reviewed much of it since High School. In a very short period of time, Ryan brought me to an extremely high level of fluency and proficiency, helping me earn a nearly perfect GRE score and assuring my admittance to Georgetown University Security Studies, a highly competitive graduate program. In the world of training, PrepMatters is second to none.”

former US Special Forces Army Captain

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m headed off to Washington University in St. Louis, my first choice, next year, hopefully to study biology.  Thank you for all of your help in preparing me for my tests, and there’s no doubt that my success is due, in part, to you.”

- Chris B.
St. Alban's School student

“My daughter got a 32 on the ACT; We are so excited and want to say THANK YOU for working with her and boosting her confidence. She couldn’t have done it without Ryan and the PrepMatters study materials and strategies! Again,thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

Montgomery Blair High School parent

My daughter met with Ryan Warren to increase her science section of the ACT. With 3 sessions, she raised her science score 6 points. She also improved in the other 3 sections of the test and raised her composite score from 33 to 35!

- Katie's Mom