SAT & ACT Test Proctoring Services

SAT/ACT Proctoring

PrepMatters school proctoring services help open doors for students, fill important needs for schools and provide PTAs with the expertise they deserve.

We Meet Unmet Needs

Many schools struggle to provide the resources needed to provide higher education resources for every student. Volunteers often carry the burden of gathering resources and finding partners to help carry the load. Here is where PrepMatters comes in.

SAT Test

Why should we consider School Proctoring?

Test proctoring benefits all community stakeholders by providing specific insights to help achieve their goals:

Academic Tutoring

Parents and educators

Proctored tests can identify educational gaps, reveal potential obscured by low grades, and expose unidentified learning disabilities.

High School Admissions And Testing


Proctored tests help clarify whether to take the ACT or SAT. Additionally, they can indicate whether students should apply ``test-optional`` to college before investing time and money. Most importantly, proctoring is a powerful tool to deepen learning and mitigate test anxiety.


Accurate test results provide a powerful tool to advise students and parents through college admissions. PrepMatters detailed score reports offer an additional lens to reveal curricular strengths and opportunities.

How it works

We’ll handle all the logistics of registration, proctoring, and scoring. Your students get the benefits of a simulated testing experience, score reports packed with helpful and accessible feedback, and a free optional follow-up meeting to discuss their scores. Our team is uniquely suited to answer all their questions. We are professionals who’ve been helping families navigate the testing and college admissions landscapes for over 25 years.

Students gain individualized insights. Parents receive a powerful tool for college planning, schools fill a critical need, and PTAs are proud to know they brought important help to their school community.