Greg Taylor

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Having tutored for over ten years in the Washington, DC area, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as concern for his clients at PrepMatters. He grew up in the Annapolis area, where he graduated second in his high school class and earned a full scholarship to the University of Maryland, College Park. There, he studied Economics and Government & Politics, while discovering some passions he continues to this day: Traveling (study abroad in Barcelona and Buenos Aires), Racquetball (and all racket sports), Spanish, Tutoring, and environmental protection. After undergrad, Greg continued his studies and earned a Master of Public Policy. Today, while working to protect the environment, Greg helps students achieve their standardized test and academic goals. He has helped students attain admission to Harvard, Princeton, Penn, the US Naval Academy, Haverford, and many other schools. He continues to travel, having been to 60 countries and 43 states. He recently returned from a year teaching abroad in Spain, one of his favorite places on earth.


The key to success on standardized tests and in academics is confidence. A well prepared, knowledgeable student can take on any test and meet their goals. As tutors, we need to identify our students’ weak spots and their insecurities and give them the tools they need to tackle each problem. These tools include our honed test prep strategies and reviews of subject matter. By maintaining positive attitudes, we can give our students the confidence they need to take full advantage of their preparation in school and on any test.

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