Vinnie Pandolfo

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Vinnie is an Oregon-born transplant with a passion for the uplifting power of education. He has lived throughout the country, ranging from Alaska to Florida. After graduating in the top 5% of his class in high school and earning a scholarship, Vinnie wanted to pursue a career in teaching. He attended Florida State University, where he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies Education and earned a Master’s degree in Education. Following his graduation, Vinnie taught in public schools for 4 years and looks forward to helping more students through tutoring. Vinnie has always had a strong passion for helping others. He has organized a human rights conference and served as president of a service fraternity. Vinnie strives to build others up. Today, Vinnie continues to work as an educator focused on helping students be their best. In his free time, Vinnie can often be found with a book in hand, at a weekly chess club, hanging out with his cats, or watching LA Rams football.


I am a big believer that every student is different. An approach that may work for one student, may not work for another. All students have different needs in order to grow their test taking abilities. Whether this growth is accomplished through nurturing academic skills, alleviating testing anxiety, or providing techniques to decipher the test, finding the specific domain for growth will help students in meaningful ways.

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