Sharon Kim


Sharon earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  She completed her undergraduate studies with a pre-med focus. In her sophomore year, she took a discrete mathematics class and got hooked on the beauty of number theory and patterns. The rest is history.

She began tutoring even before pursuing her undergraduate degree. Matriculating at an inner-city university gave her opportunities to tutor Baltimore city students through the Hampden Family Center’s tutoring project. She also taught PSAT test prep classes to low-income Asian-American youth through the non-profit Asian American Leadership Empowerment and Development (AALEAD), as well as at local “hagwons,” the Korean language word for a for-profit study academy.

Aside from math, Sharon is dedicated to supporting all things local.  Why? She believes it’s important to know your neighbors—where you work, eat, and sleep. Local for Sharon is Rockville, Maryland, and a few of her favorite neighbors are La Bohemia artisan bakery, Champion Boxing & Fitness, and Zengo cycling studio.


I believe the priority is to embrace the process of learning instead of simply accepting an answer. I encourage students always to question what they learn and then apply themselves to the challenge of discovery as they pave the way toward understanding.

Recent Writings