Casey Waterston


Growing up in the “Lone Star State,” Casey learned early on that she had a love for math and science.  This passion led her to earn a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, along with a minor in Spanish. Over the years, she’s involved herself in several industries, from semiconductors to industrial mailing systems, but the one constant throughout has been her ability to always end up in a teaching role. From instructing engineers how to operate multi-million dollar equipment to helping high school students succeed on the SAT, she always feels most at home when teaching and encouraging others. Casey currently lives in Vienna, Virginia with her husband and her three rambunctious little boys. When she’s not wrangling kiddos, you’ll probably find her digging in the garden, learning to run, or knitting a pair of wool socks.


Every student is incredibly different, and I have found that so many times with SAT and ACT tutoring a “one size fits most” approach just does not work. I put a large priority on learning the ins and outs of my students so that we can devise the best plan for them to reach their goals. We will define their strengths and use them to instill confidence. We will root out their weaknesses one by one and apply proven strategies to help them succeed. I want my students to leave not only with the confidence to reach their standardized testing goals but also with the knowledge that they are capable of tackling life’s challenges and succeeding in ways they never imagined.

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