What We Can Do

We Proctor Practice Tests

Whether virtually or at your school, we simulate an authentic testing experience so that students can feel prepared for the real thing. We offer free practice tests for our partner schools across the United States.

  • Create a custom registration webpage for you to send out to your families
  • Send confirmations and follow up, giving registrants everything they need for a fully proctored practice test online
  • Provide a digital platform for students to submit their answer sheets
  • Optional “Results Night” where our professional tutors can break down the test and what your student’s results mean in a larger context

Community Engagement

For more than twenty years, we have provided over a million dollars in pro bono services to low-income students of both Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. We support these quality organizations with training, materials, and financial support. We also offer financial aid, our small contribution to expanding educational opportunities.

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Ned Johnson

President & Tutor-Geek

Ned’s Speaking Topics

An exploration of why teens today increasingly struggle with stress-related disorders and motivational challenges, from obsessive drives to seeming indifference. Ned discusses the science behind fostering a sense of control in kids to develop resilience and inner drive. The talk incorporates the most important insights and advice from his National Best-Seller co-written with Dr. William Stixrud.

A neurological and emotional understanding of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. What helps, what hurts, and how parents, teachers, and other professionals can enable kids to develop the drive to pursue their own success in school and life.

How does insufficient sleep affect learning, mood, and performance? A look at what science tells us about the importance of, and challenges to, being well-rested in an increasingly fast-paced, under-rested world. Particular attention is given to the changes in the sleep habits of teens and how parents and schools can help.

A brain-based understanding of stress, its causes and effects, and why it impacts people differently. Often, anxiety can prevent students with solid understanding from demonstrating their mastery in testing contexts. Ned discusses the latest science along with practical advice gained over decades helping kids perform their best when it matters most.