Practice Tests

PrepMatters offers in-person practice tests at our Bethesda location.


ExamSaturday Start TimeSaturday End TimeSunday Start TimeSunday End Time
Extended Time SAT8:30am1:30pm8:30am1:30pm
Extended Time ACT8:45am1:30pm8:45am1:30pm
SAT (Morning)9:15am12:30pm9:15am12:30pm
Graduate/Extended Time SSAT12:00pmVaries by Exam12:00pmVaries by Exam

Registration for in-person practice tests

To have as smooth a practice test as possible, our current practice test process is as follows:

1. Register to take the practice test by emailing your tutor if you’re already working with us. New & potential clients can email [email protected]

2. You will receive an email notification Friday afternoon confirming your registration time and location.

3. Show up to the test well-rested with a calculator, pencil, and snack.

4. We’ll email your test results to you and your tutor on the Monday after your test!

Virtual Testing

Process for grading your self-administered test

Use your own test or one provided by your tutor and click on your test.

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