Why PrepMatters

We get kids. We like kids. We help kids.

Our tutors have logged over 250,000 hours providing insights and instruction to students in the one-on-one setting.

Meet Our Team

Listen to Learn

We know that students are the greatest experts about themselves. We start by listening. Then, we help students solve problems and overcome the obstacles standing between them and success.

Trust is Everything

Students often don’t like to talk about their struggles in the classroom and on tests. That reluctance makes it hard to get to the heart of what they need to do to improve. We work hard to create a safe, supporting relationship with our students so they feel comfortable being honest with both us and, perhaps even more importantly, with themselves. We listen, connect, and support to help students progress to academic success.

Sense of Control

A sense of control is central to motivation and to stress tolerance, both a subjective sense of autonomy and “being in their right minds” when school feels intense. We put students at the center of their own learning, equip them with the tools and strategies, and them master strategies through practice, giving students the sense of control they need to achieve their best on test day.

Change is Possible

The PrepMatters team isn’t just changing test scores, grades, and admissions; we’re changing self-images. We know that just as success changes self-images, changing self-images leads to success.

Our People

PrepMatters is its talented staff.

Aaron Golumbfskie

Senior Tutor & Education Director

Bio Aaron is the Education Director at PrepMatters and has logged more than 20,000 hours of one-on-one tutoring, helping teens change their self-images and achieve success, whether on standardized tests or in academic classes. He continues to tutor every day, but, realizing that individual efforts only scale so far, he…

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Allison Cox

Accounts Manager

Bio Allison was born and raised in Delaware, and she earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. She is excited to serve as Accounts Manager for PrepMatters. In that role, Allison is able to combine a few of her favorite things from her theatre…

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PrepMatters Gives Back

For more than twenty-five years, we have provided well over a million dollars in pro bono services to low-income students of both Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. Every student who graduates from high school deserves the opportunity to go to college.

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Employment Opportunities

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Who is a typical PrepMatters employee? We work hard, love what we do and believe that our tutoring services can make a difference.

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