An investment in your student’s future.

PrepMatters tutoring services are offered exclusively on an hourly basis to allow you to choose what’s right for your student.


PrepMatters requires pre-service registration of students. A separate registration is required for each student, even for a sibling of a current or former client. A one-time registration fee of $99 is assessed to student clients at the time they first become a PrepMatters client. Registration for all PrepMatters services is accomplished by accepting the following as well as our policies and procedures, speaking to a PrepMatters staff to setup your client account with demographic and billing information, and paying the registration fee.

Client Experience

Once registered, we guide our test prep clients through four phases: Learning, Practice, Testing, and Refining/Retesting. If you want more information about our test prep client experience, download the attached PDF or contact our placements team with specific questions.


PrepMatters services are offered exclusively on an hourly basis. We offer no packages and clients are under no obligation to complete any number of sessions. Our pricing structure reflects our commitment to hiring and retaining the best in the business, as well as the value of the one-on-one approach.

Tutoring Rates
Test Preparation: starting at $235/hr
Academic Tutoring: starting at $185/hr
Graduate Level: starting at $285/hr

“She’s our fourth child that’s come through. Daniela’s awesome and that’s why we keep coming back.”

Mom of Junior at BCC HC

My boys have tried other test prep, but keep coming back to you guys.

Parent of a Yorktown High School Junior

Kristina is great! We love her. PrepMatters has been a miracle for science tutoring.

Mom of a Sidwell Freshman

Being able to address waht each student needs is really valuable. We wouldn’t have gotten as much out of a class. We’ve spent a lot with you, but both older kids received big scholarships so it was worth it. I get asked about test prep often and always mention PrepMatters.”

Mother of Mont. Blair Junior

Aaron worked his magic in two sessions with our daughter raising not only her confidence but her ACT composite by 5 points. He has a special way with bringing out the most, and he goes above and beyond. Looking forward to further results in a stress-free environment with Aaron.

A Top Tier Private School Parent

PrepMatters is a very positive, nurturing environment that really helps students approach standardized testing. The tutors are kind and encouraging and helped my daughter prepare for a great score on the ACT. I would highly recommend them.

Parent of a High School Junior

Whether it’s standardized test prep, or working one-on-one with an academic tutoring, my daughter has had a great experience working with PrepMatters tutors!

Parent of a Private School Sophomore

Thank you for all you did to help build my daughter’s confidence prepping for and taking the SSAT. She never hesitated going to one of your tutoring sessions and took your tips/advice very seriously. She enjoyed the positive, up-beat vibe you created during your sessions and also found the work you did together incredibly valuable.

Parent of a rising 9th grader

Previously my son was not comfortable working with tutors. Jay understood his challenges and was successful in working with him. He made my son feel at ease and grasp the material to prepare for the exam. We saw an improvement from the practice exam to the actual test.

McLean School parent

The several PrepMatters counselors and tutors with whom our family has consulted are — without exception — in the A+ range! They are savvy, helpful, and care. We recommend it with enthusiasm and without any reservation whatsoever.

Sidwell Friends Parent

Ned is a master with SAT Prep. Beyond the skills and pointers he teaches, he gave my son confidence and put him at ease. He was communicative and flexible with scheduling which was much appreciated during this chaotic time. 

STA Parent

Our daughter’s math tutor, Rachel Jones, was incredibly helpful. She helped our daughter to achieve a high grade in pre-calculus. More importantly to me as a parent, she helped her develop self-confidence about math.

Private School Parent

PrepMatters tutors are truly masters at their trade. They understand the test, what is needed for success and meet every student where they are and take them to next level; to where they have the potential to be. No tricks or shortcuts— these folks simply know how to teach kids at a superior level so that they learn how to approach testing and do their absolute best. Worth the investment.

Private School Parent

I am the parent of eight children and have been using the services of Prep Matters for many, many years. For all this time, I have been exceptionally pleased with the instruction and the results.

Wendy Silver

I can’t say enough in support of PrepMatters. It is an incredibly nice, well-run, welcoming company with an enormously talented and dedicated staff. The prices aren’t low, but honestly, I feel great about paying such a caring, supportive group of people. Their help has been worth every penny!

Emily G.

We had several sessions with Vinnie. It was a phenomenal experience. The sessions were helpful for test-taking skills as well as the HSPT. We felt it was a great experience for our family. When it comes time to look at the SAT and ACT, you guys will be the first ones on our list.

Private School Parent

My daughter really enjoys working with Vinnie.  They have good chemistry.  She looks forward to their sessions. She’s happy, and so I’m very happy.

Parent of a junior at the Field School

My son clearly attributes you to helping him feel prepared and confident during the entire process. He is right!

You were so wonderful to work with and I appreciate your support, honesty and easy-going manner that made my son feel so comfortable. We are not from this area, and he was coming from a public school, so we didn’t know what to expect. You were my/our most valuable resource through all of this and helped keep it all in perspective.

He is going to his first-choice school next year. He is very excited, and I think this is a great fit for him. His HSPT scores were in the 97th percentile. He wanted me to pass along and say THANK YOU!!

Please know you make a HUGE difference to these kids (and their Moms:).

Mom of an 8th grader

Things have gone great. Ashley is amazing.  She’s just so patient and encouraging and knows her stuff super well.  She’s super awesome. I’m so grateful to work with her.

GRE student

Our son took SAT tutoring and college essay tutoring at PrepMatters during high school. And has been admitted via early action to four colleges so far with a total institution-based merit scholarships total of 250k.   We are so grateful for your services which helped him tremendously with his test anxiety and application anxiety. Your services have helped our family navigate this season with a mentally healthy approach, and for that we are all grateful.

Mom of a Senior

Tom was fantastic. We are so impressed. The feedback was beyond our expectations.  Everything was very professional. We had dealt with another organization that was totally unprofessional:  day of canceling and no feedback.  Tom came recommended by a friend.  Everything has been professional: intake, payment, and the feedback. I look forward to recommending you.

Mom of a Stone Ridge junior

I don’t have anything but “Thank you.” Sharon Kim is an incredible person, math teacher, and phenomenal human. She is so good at finding each child’s strengths. Moose is great at physics. We’ve liked him ever since we read, “Most Likely to Marry Physics” on his bio. I’ve referred many people to you.

Mom of a Sidwell freshman

Ana Laura’s been superb.  She’s very experienced and very calm.  My daughter likes going to see her.

Father of a Junior at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Things are going really well.  We really like our tutor, Sharon Kim. She’s just really good with the kids.  She has a manner about her that allows them to feel comfortable in the math. We’ve tried other math supports, but her style of tutoring helps them more. We really love her.

Mom of a Sidwell Student

Our daughter took the SAT and improved to 1510. Tom was nice, and she felt great. The tutoring improved her confidence. She loved it. We’d recommend you to others. The program was very practical and helpful.

Parent of a Junior at Whitman

Vinnie, Thank you so much for your work with our daughter. She was thrilled with her ACT score. I appreciate your positivity and encouragement as well as all of your general test taking tips. I know our daughter applied much of what you taught her and it all made a huge difference.

Mom of a junior at Walt Whitman High School

My daughter has really enjoyed her SAT sessions with Vinnie. She feels understood and supported as a bright student with ADHD. Having someone help build her confidence is helpful.

Parent of a Junior at National Cathedral School

I absolutely love Tom. He’s the greatest and an absolute master.

LSAT student

Pricing FAQs

The Tutoring and Test Preparation division provides tutoring for test preparation for entrance examinations as well as academic tutoring in special subjects at the elementary through college levels. Fees for test preparation range from $235 an hour to $485 an hour. Fees for test preparation for all graduate and professional exams are $285 an hour, with the exception of Sunhee Hong ($350 an hour), Aaron Golumbfskie ($375 an hour), and Ned Johnson ($485 an hour). Fees for academic tutoring in special subjects range from $185 an hour to $485 an hour. An hour of tutoring is 50 minutes in duration. The additional 10 minutes of each hour is used by tutors to compile notes from the session and to correspond with parents, as needed. Our tutors’ rates are determined by their respective levels of expertise and experience.

Test Preparation Hourly Rates:Academic Tutoring Hourly Rates:
$235 - Professional Tutors$185 - Professional tutors
$285 - Senior tutors$285 - Senior tutors
$350 - Sunhee Hong$350 - Sunhee Hong
$375 - Aaron Golumbfskie$375 - Aaron Golumbfskie
$485 - Ned Johnson$485 - Ned Johnson

Extended consultations with a student’s parents about the student’s progress can be scheduled and will be billed in 15-minute increments at the tutor’s current hourly rate.  

At the end of each tutoring session, tutors will assign homework to reinforce the lessons in that session. The homework assignment should be written in the front of the student’s workbook or in the session note that is emailed at the end of each tutoring session. PrepMatters is aware that students have other responsibilities, and the homework assigned is not an onerous amount. We ask students to complete the assigned homework session prior to the next tutoring session. We do not encourage completion of homework in the car on the way to the tutoring session or in the PrepMatters waiting area. Parents can help by reminding students of their homework assignment.

PrepMatters requests that clients pay by credit card for all test preparation, educational planning, and academic tutoring. Clients make payment for services through a secure, PCI-compliant online credit card processing system. PrepMatters placements, educational planning, or accounts team members assist clients in setting up a client account, including payment information. Payments for services are processed the day after services are rendered, except that payment for the counseling assessment for educational planning is processed when the appointment for the counseling assessment is made. Payment for classes offered through schools is due prior to the commencement of the class series. Billing questions should be directed to the accounts manager at 301-951-0350 (x 102).

Clients who are unable to pay by credit card or debit card may prefund services with check payment. Please call the accounts manager at 301-951-0350 (x 102) to make arrangements to pay by check.

PrepMatters is flexible in adjusting to the hectic schedules of our clients, but only if notice of cancellation is received at least 24-hours in advance of the scheduled appointment or tutoring session. The best way to give notice is by email, but notice may also be given by telephone.

Cancellations with less than 24-hours advance notice will result in a charge of the full amount of the scheduled time. 

In the case of inclement weather (e.g., snowstorms) and emergencies, this policy may be waived. The PrepMatters accounts manager will make a determination on fee waivers for late cancellations due to emergencies. Clients engaged in the fixed price counseling assessment with the Educational Planning division must also give notice of cancellation at least 24-hours in advance of the scheduled appointment or risk being charged the full amount of the scheduled time billed at the counselor’s hourly rate.

We take seriously our commitment to both support our students’ learning and honor their academic integrity. These two goals are not simply complementary; they are inextricably linked. We understand that students only learn and grow when they are able to fully articulate their own work and words in their assignments. While our tutors do model the academic skills students need to be successful, be they mathematical problem-solving techniques or the tools of rhetorical analysis, they strive to engage students in a dialogue that helps them to crystallize their own thinking and find their own voices. Simply providing students with answers to graded assignments or rewriting papers is antithetical to the work we do. Not only is it unethical, but it also undermines the selfconfidence and intellectual development of the students with whom we are entrusted.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to working with you!

Our Commitment to Financial Aid

“I founded PrepMatters to help students and families pursue their goals. Every day, my PrepMatters colleagues and I work to remove obstacles to young people’s learning and educational success. We all know that one such obstacle can be family finances. As a former Pell Grant student, I am keenly aware of how my success was supported by others. Talent is found in every family, school, and community, though the advantage is rarely as widespread. 

Since its beginning, PrepMatters has worked to make our educational resources widely available, including by providing financial aid. If your family is one with more dreams than means, please let us know.”

Ned Johnson, president & tutor-geek PrepMatters.