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A Pennsylvania native, Leah has always had a love of math, of learning, and of books. After studying Actuarial Science at Penn State, she started her career as an actuarial analyst, filling her days with Excel workbooks and actuarial exams. Although she loved this line of work, Leah could ultimately not deny a call to the classroom and made the switch from actuarial science to education at the University of Notre Dame. She is now a full-time high school math teacher in the DC area, where she has the incredible opportunity every day to share the joy of the unit circle with high school students. Leah is no stranger to exams. She was an AP Scholar in high school, completed the ASA exams for the Society of Actuaries during college and the beginning of her actuarial career, and now teaches several AP and IB courses. When she is not taking exams or teaching, Leah is either reading (as she cannot get enough contemporary fiction, educational psychology, or defense of the Oxford Comma) or traveling (this year to Argentina, Peru, and El Salvador, and next year hopefully to a few Eastern European countries).


Education is personal. Although I love working with a classroom full of eager math students, the ability to work with one student at a time changes the game, both for me and for my student. When working one on one with a student, I have the opportunity to tailor my approach to one student’s personality, to capitalize on strengths and push through weaknesses, to learn about the student as a person, and to find what makes the student come alive. I love being able to re-frame a section of math in terms of soccer, talk about how critical reading skills are important as a restaurant manager or look at a geometry theorem in terms of daily life as a doctor – whatever makes the student feel a personal attachment. With this, my hope is always that I can help my student feel invested, confident, and excited to learn, and that this, in turn, will positively impact a student’s success.


You’ll know the test inside and out.
- Anna P

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