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David Joy graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in chemistry and concentrations in the pre-medical sciences and pre-legal curriculum. While at Holy Cross, he served as a tutor, laboratory teaching assistant and mentor to underclass science students. He also volunteered as a big brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program through the Student Programs for Urban Development. After graduating, David was a high school chemistry teacher and Advanced Placement chemistry teacher at the Perkiomen School in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. After teaching for three years, David went on to pursue a legal education, obtaining a J.D. from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. He received a post-doctoral LL.M. degree in intellectual property law from the George Washington University Law School. In addition to his professional pursuits, David enjoys playing with his dog Barkley, watching movies, listening to music and cooking.

Originally from Connecticut (he actually learned to drive in icy and snowy conditions), David now lives with his wife and two sons in Arlington, Virginia.


The key to mastering any standardized test is effectively managing your time and not being caught off-guard by any of the little tricks or pitfalls that the test writers like to resort to when preparing the test. With ample ACT, SAT and SSAT prep, any student can become familiar with these and learn how not to fall for them. Along the way, with dedication and hard work, any weaker areas of knowledge can also be bolstered. But, as the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu so eloquently put it, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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