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PrepMatters provides premier academic tutoring services, test preparation and educational planning, from one-on-one students in greater DC to online clients worldwide. We believe that if we listen well, build trust with our students, and give them a sense of control, remarkable change is possible.

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Do My Senior Grades Matter?

No matter how often I get this question, my head still tilts to the side in perplexity...

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The Self-Driven Child

Learn more about our founder and President Ned Johnson's latest book, The Self-Driven Child. It offers a combination of brain science; the latest discoveries in behavioral therapy; case studies drawn from the thousands of kids and teens he has helped over the years; and concrete advice that you can act on tonight to teach you how to set your child on the real road to success.

Educational Planning Guide: A Roadmap for High School Students and Parents

From freshman to senior year, we’ve got you covered. The PrepMatters Educational Planning Guide for High School Students and Parents is now available and ready with important insights for planning, setting, and realizing academic goals.

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