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NPR's "Here & Now" hosts interview Ned Johnson on SAT 2016 Preview

College Board releases preview of new SAT exam questions. Ned Johnson talks to NPR's Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson on "Here and Now" about these upcoming changes. Click here to listen!

Ned blogs for The Washington Post on Why the SAT drives us N.U.T.S.!








What is it about the SAT that drives people nuts? PrepMatters president and founder Ned Johnson explains. Why the SAT drives us N.U.T.S.

- The Washington Post


Ned Johnson also quoted in the new Washington Post article: College Board releases preview of new SAT exam questions.



PrepMatters Education Director, Aaron Golumbfskie, talks to the Public School Review on preparing for the SAT.




The Public School Review recently published a helpful article for students planning to take the SAT, and our very own Education Director, Aaron Golumbfskie, lends insight on best  tips for tackling the SAT with confidence. Read more here: 10 Best Ways to Prepare for the SATs.

Public School Review    



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