Effective SSAT & ISEE Homework Habits

Effective homework for the SSAT and ISEE means working smarter, not working harder. While breezing through half a box of flashcards in a week may give you a fleeting sense of accomplishment, try remembering those words in two weeks. Now, try remembering them in two months, when it’s time to sit for your first official test. Chances are they’ve left your brain entirely!

Your tutor will help design a homework plan each week that’s tailor-made for you. If you’re struggling with analogies, they may assign you a practice set of analogies, with specific instructions to focus on your bridge sentences and to skip a certain number of questions. If time management in math is your trouble spot, they’ll likely ask you to time yourself for a math section so you grow more comfortable with the test’s time constraints.

As for vocab, daily practice is always best. However, it’s about the quality of your practice, not the quantity of words you attempt to cram into your brain! I often set the goal of 20 new words per week – from your flashcards, your vocabulary workbook, or the new words you’ve discussed in session. Really try to learn those 20. Write sentences with them. Try to see how many you can use in one dinnertime conversation. Then, incorporate them into your practice in later weeks. Ask your parents, siblings, or tutor to “pop quiz” you each week, to keep yourself accountable. Soon, you’ll be sauntering through the halls, dazzling your teachers and classmates with a formidable lexicon.