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If you’re interested in taking additional practice tests with us, whether it’s the SAT or ACT, visit us at Our practice test is not affiliated with the College Board. Rather, it is simply an opportunity to practice, should your school-based opportunity be unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your registration allows us to send you important information about the test and is necessary for us to successfully send you your score report.

Easy! Just fill out the form at the top of this page and click the “See You Soon!” button.

Absolutely! Just make sure your friend registers.

It’s probably best to let them register themselves. It’s not very difficult.

We need your registration in order to successfully send you information about the test and your scores. If you miss the registration deadline you’re welcome to sign up for one of our practice SAT or ACTs on the weekend, or connect with a tutor for individualized support.

If you have been approved for accommodations by the College Board you will want to take the extended time version of the test. If you have not received an approval for accommodations then you should register to take the test with regular time.

If you don’t see your confirmation email in your inbox, double check your spam folder and promotions tab if you’re using Gmail. If you have any filters set up, you may want to view “All Mail” to make sure it wasn’t accidentally put in one of your other folders. If you still aren’t seeing our emails you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue.

This is a practice PSAT. It is structured the same way as a real PSAT, and will give you a good estimation of the kind of content you can expect when you take the actual test. Your scores from this practice test are not sent to College Board, nor do they qualify you for National Merit Scholarships.

No. This is a practice test. Only official tests are eligible to be used for National Merit.

We strongly encourage you to print out the test beforehand. Doing your best to simulate the real experience will help you be more prepared on the actual test day. With that said, the test is about 60 pages long, so we understand if you aren’t able to print it out. You can still take the practice test if you’re viewing it on your computer.

We will send you an email with links to download your practice test. We will be using the College Board Practice PSAT #2 and an alternative test in case you have already taken the College Board test.

We are not offering mail delivery of testing packets. Instead, you will receive all of the information you will need via email.

The Regular time test is just under 3 hours, running from 8am PT / 11am EST to 11am PT / 2pm EST

The Extended time test is just over 4 hours, running from 7:30am PT / 10:30am EST to 11:40am PT / 2:40pm EST

Yes. For the Regular time test there is one 5-minute break after section 1 and one 5-minute break after section 3.

Extended time test takers will have one 10-minute break after section 1 and one 10-minute break after section 3.

You are allowed to use a calculator for part of the Math section. Check the College Board website to see if you have an approved calculator.

For this test no, but similar to how we encourage you to print out your test, it’s best to simulate the actual test experience as much as possible. On the real test day you will need a #2 pencil.

You are allowed to have a water bottle during the test, but eating snacks is limited to your official breaks.

Complete our Online PSAT Answer Sheet and we will receive an electronic copy of your answers. Make sure you enter your form code correctly so that we grade your answers against the correct test.

It’s best to submit your scores on our Online PSAT Answer Sheet as soon as you finish the test. If you get delayed, the deadline for score submission is Thursday, January 28th at Midnight.

If you submit your answers by Online PSAT Answer Sheet before the deadline then you can expect to get your answers back within one week.

In order to be fair to the students who will have already begun or finished the test, if you arrive late, or miss it completely, we won’t be able to stop and catch you up on what you’ve missed. Since this is a practice test, there is not a makeup, but we encourage you to visit us at where we offer individualized test-prep support and proctor the SAT and ACT practically every weekend.

There aren’t plans to administer another practice PSAT, but we would be more than happy to work with your school to set up another practice date!

We are not offering local pick-up of testing packets. Instead, you will receive all of the information you will need via email.