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We Proctor Practice Tests

Whether virtually or at your school, we simulate an authentic testing experience so that students can feel prepared for the real thing.

We offer free practice tests for our partner schools across the United States. 

What we can do:

  • Create a custom registration webpage for you to send out to your families
  • Send confirmations and follow up, giving registrants everything they need for a fully proctored practice test online
  • Provide a digital platform for students to submit their answer sheets
  • Optional “Results Night” where our professional tutors can break down the test and what your student’s results mean in a larger context

Community Engagement

For more than twenty years, we have provided over $500,000 in pro bono services to low-income students of both Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. We support these quality organizations with training, materials, and financial support. We also offer financial aid, our small contribution to expanding educational  opportunity. 

CONNECTdmv is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, creating resources to support academically-talented middle and high school students of color at DMV-based independent (private and parochial) schools on issues of Transportation, Technology, Tutoring, Transition, and Touchpoints – that is, creating the connections and networking to help students find internships and jobs.

CONNECTdmv is helping high-achieving students of color achieve even more by working directly with DMV independent schools, through parents associations and with our partners. Our mission is to provide the resources needed to help close the opportunity gap and, in the end, to help us all better connect.

CollegeTracks is a non-profit program that works to improve college access among students most at risk of not attending college: first-generation college-bound, low-income, minority, and immigrant youth.

CollegeTracks works with students and families at Wheaton, Blair, and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High Schools to inspire them to explore their postsecondary education options, advise and support them through the complicated college admissions process and, help them secure the financial aid they need to attend.

PEP is a nonprofit organization, founded in Montgomery County, Md., in 1982 with the mission of providing parents with the support and training they need to raise children who are confident, capable and responsible.
PEP offers classes and workshops that teach practical parenting skills geared to each stage of a child’s development – whether parents are looking for new parenting techniques or are faced with serious parenting concerns. With four seasonal class schedules a year, classes are offered throughout Montgomery County, as well as in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia and are open to all parents, guardians, caregivers, grandparents or other interested adults. PEP’s
Noted Author Series brings a nationally known parenting expert to the area each fall. PEP also offers programs for couples, as well as for children, including a Babysitter training class, Summer Friendship Day Camps, and an annual Can Do Kids Fair for children ages 4 through 10 and their parents.
Contact PEP at, 301-929-8824
or 703-242-8824

For Love of Children (FLOC) is a nonprofit organization that has worked to protect and inspire thousands of Washington, DC’s most vulnerable children and youth, and to strengthen their families, since its founding in 1965.

Today, FLOC’s mission is to offer educational services that equip high-risk children and youth with the skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty, become life-long learners, and make substantial contributions to their communities. Through example and partnership, For Love of Children will use education to empower young people and their families to close society’s achievement gap.

Ned Johnson

President & Tutor-Geek

Ned Johnson

Ned Johnson

President & Tutor-Geek

President & Tutor-Geek

Ned's Speaking Topics

A Sense of Control

An exploration of why teens today increasingly struggle with stress-related disorders and motivational challenges, from obsessive drives to seeming indifference. Ned discusses the science behind fostering a sense of control in kids to develop resilience and inner drive. The talk incorporates the most important insights and advice from his National Best-Seller co-written with Dr. William Stixrud.

Test and Performance Anxiety

A brain-based understanding of stress, its causes and effects, and why it impacts people differently. Often, anxiety can prevent students with solid understanding from demonstrating their mastery in testing contexts. Ned discusses the latest science along with practical advice gained over decades helping kids perform their best when it matters most.

Fostering Intrinsic Motivation in Teens

A neurological and emotional understanding of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation. What helps, what hurts, and how parents, teachers, and other professionals can enable kids to develop the drive to pursue their own success in school and life.

Sleep and Performance

How does insufficient sleep affect learning, mood, and performance? A look at what science tells us about the importance of, and challenges to, being well-rested in an increasingly fast-paced, under-rested world. Particular attention is given to the changes in the sleep habits of teens and how parents and schools can help.

For speaking engagements contact Zarafet Burrell at

Other Speakers & Events

We offer many free and for pay events open to the public at large: you can check them out on our events calendar. In addition, we have invite-only events that are reserved for IECs, School-based counselors, and other educational specialists.

If you’d like to have us speak to families, parent groups, or your employees about any of the following topics, please reach out to

Aaron Golumbfskie

Education Director

Katy Dunn

Director of Educational Planning

John Jones

Tutor and Director of Quality Assurance

Fatima Bhojani

Essay Specialist

Ryan Warren

Creative Director

Shannon Jeffries

Essay Specialist

Maureen Delaney

Educational Counselor

Naira Ruiz

Essay and Interview Specialist

Event Topics

College Apps and Essays

Common Application - The Ins and Outs

Founded in 1975, the Common App is now the application go-to for more than 700 undergraduate colleges in 49 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada, China, and the United Kingdom along with many other European countries.

PrepMatters will help you navigate the ins and outs of the Common App and show you what you need to know to optimize the “application part” of the overall application package.

Understanding the Genre of College Essay Writing

What are colleges really looking for in an essay? PrepMatters will explain what to write about, what not to write about, and the kind of rubric you should have in your head as you move forward.

Planning Ahead: What are the essay topics I know they will ask about?

There are evergreen college essay questions that show up every year, so why wait to think about them? PrepMatters will give you a preview of what you’ll address in your essays – yes, you will have to write more than one essay.

Getting Started: What are concrete steps I can take to actual being the process?

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting the first words out. PrepMatters will give you some exercises and strategies to get your wheels turning so you can take the rest and run with it.

Topic Deep Dives

Individual presentations that really dig into a single common topic that students are likely to run into:

· How do you bring diversity to a community?

· What values do you hold dear?

· What’s your passion? What makes you intellectually curious?

· How are you a leader?

· Why do you want attend this college?

· What do you want to study?

· Describe an extra-curricular activity’s importance to you.

· Describe an obstacle you’ve overcome.

· What community do you belong to?

· Tell us about your favorite book/art/idea?

· The Additional Information section

College Admissions

Maximizing the College Visit Experience When You Can’t Visit the Campus

The college visit should involve more than just driving around campus, and these days, it has to involve more than an in-person campus tour and information session. PrepMatters will explain how to optimize your approach to admissions and get the most out of your college visits, whether on foot or virtually.

We will discuss:

· The two-fold purpose of college visits

· How to move your application from qualified to compelling

· The importance of demonstrated interest in admissions process

· How to optimize your time on campus

· When you should begin visiting campuses (and the best times to visit)

Standardized Tests – Creating a Testing Calendar

Now when should I take the SAT/ACT? What about Subject Tests or AP/IB exams? Will colleges understand? How many times can I take the SAT or ACT? When will they be offered? What if I can’t make a certain date or want to take them early?

Testing dates have been cancelled across the country, and there’s no one who knows yet exactly how it will play out, but we can be sure that colleges and even the College Board and ACT will find a way to make it work. PrepMatters will give you an overview of the testing calendar landscape so you can optimize your schedule and feel prepared to achieve on Test Day, whenever that is.

Early Application Deadlines

ED, ED II, EA, SCEA, REA, EA II, PD, Rolling…so many deadline options!

Want to know the differences and how to optimize them for your own admissions plan? PrepMatters will teach you how to do just that.

High School Course Selection

How do I choose classes after months of online instruction? What if my classes are online next year? Being strategic about course selection in high school can make the difference when it comes to college admissions. PrepMatters will provide guidance on how to balance academic rigor and performance, despite all the changes your high school has put in place.

We will discuss:

· What data and information to consider when choosing next year’s classes

· How to handle online coursework

· How to optimize your academic experience when your dining room is your new classroom

· Selecting AP and IB courses

· How dual enrollment works (and why it might make sense for you)

· Determining the best elective options

· How to best position your transcript for college admissions

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are some of the most important documents in a college application. The impression you give your teachers is part of a skillset and something you can control, whether it’s in the classroom or through virtual instruction. PrepMatters will give you guidelines and tips so that you can establish and maintain positive relationships with your teachers, even if you won’t get much facetime with them for a while.

We will discuss:

· How do I stand out to teachers?

· How many letters do you need?

· Which teachers should write them? Who else should write them?

· How do they get sent?

Extra-curriculars and Summer Programs

Schools are closed, so what happens to my resume? Does it just evaporate, get put on hold, or can I still stay involved while also staying safe?

PrepMatters will share the key insights that every student should know when selecting extra-curriculars and summer activities, even if we have to stay six feet apart from each other. You’ll learn how to optimize your time outside of the classroom and impress college admissions officers with a compelling narrative.

College Interviews – How Can I Interview and How Should I Prepare?

If I can’t visit colleges, can I still interview? Absolutely. Hear about the different ways students will be interviewed for admission to college and how you can best prepare for your chance to showcase your unique personality in a memorable and charming manner.

We will discuss:

· Best practices for online interviewing

· The difference between informational and evaluative interviews

· How interviews contribute to demonstrated interest

· Interview best practices

· How to expect the unexpected

· Best timing for college interviews

Study Tips and Time Management

If your school has moved to online instruction, that doesn’t mean classes are any easier or teachers are any less demanding. And even if you’re spending less time in the “classroom,” there are still only so many minutes in a day. Now more than ever it’s important to acknowledge the call for a mature and independent approach to your learning by setting up a plan so you are in charge of your schedule. PrepMatters will share tips on how you can optimize those minutes.

We will discuss:

· Best practices for online learning

· The zero-balance budget for time

· Sleep hygiene

· Methods for tracking and managing stamina and timed breaks

· Habit building and habit breaking


PrepMatters has written workbooks for the SAT, ACT, SSAT/ISEE, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. We also have six SATs and three ACTs, which we make exclusively available to our clients and partners.