PrepMatters and COVID-19

PrepMatters Office Status – All Offices: Closed for in person meetings until further notice; no drop-ins. Please email your tutor directly to set up a remote session.

DC/VA/MD Practice Tests: Online Proctored Practice Tests available on Saturdays. SAT at 10:00AM, ACT at 10:30AM. Email your tutor or to register!

As events unfold and our communities respond to the emerging situation surrounding COVID-19, PrepMatters is committed to keeping our students and families safe while continuing to provide excellent educational assistance.

With that goal in mind, we have created a collection of resources below that we will update daily to help you navigate the evolving environment.

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Latest news for Standardized Tests

Should you keep prepping for the SAT/ACT?

Read Dr. Aaron Golumbfskie’s take on what comes next for students who are wondering what will happen with these tests.

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The April 4 ACT test date has been cancelled and rescheduled to June 13. ACT will launch an in-home testing option in the late fall/early winter.

All registered testers will be emailed instructions on how to register for another national test date for free.[/lgc_column]

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The June SAT date has been cancelled.  College Board is offering additional testing dates in September.

College Board will share additional information and details directly with registered students and test centers.

AP Exams

“Traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place. Students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home.” – The College Board


PMTV: Complimentary AP & Academic Support

With many schools cancelled without access to online learning platforms, we want to do our part to help students stay on track in such a peculiar time. We welcome all learners to come join us for our free online courses, but we especially want to be a resource for Juniors facing a critical academic spring and upcoming AP exams.

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3:40PM AP Chemistry

5:10PM AP US History[/lgc_column]

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3:40PM AP Biology

5:10PM ACT & SAT Prep[/lgc_column]

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3:40PM AP Calculus

5:10PM College Admissions 101[/lgc_column]

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3:40PM Pre-Calculus

5:10PM Crafting Compelling College Essays & Applications[/lgc_column]

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Take a break![/lgc_column]

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PrepMatters Remote Tutoring & Educational Planning

wherever you are, we’re there!

PrepMatters has been tutoring students across the globe for years.  Fortunately, we live in an age where you don’t have to decide between your child’s education and your child’s safety.  Click the title above to learn more about how we can continue to help your students prepare for their future with distance learning.

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Take a look at how one of our tutors addresses some of the challenges that come along with online collaboration.

4 Challenges to Online Tutoring (And What We Do About It)


Local Public School Resources:

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District of Columbia Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools

Arlington Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools[/lgc_column]

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With uncertainty comes anxiety.  The best thing we can do for each other is to stay informed and take every new development as it comes.  PrepMatters will continue to monitor the situation and follow the lead of the CDC and local authorities.[/lgc_column]

Private School Resources:

Please check your school’s website for further updates on how they are handling the situation.


Additional Resources

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Publications & Videos

Ned Johnson in the Washington PostHow we can help kids increase their sense of control as the coronavirus approaches

When people don’t feel like they have control in a situation, it can get pretty stressful.  Students are not immune to this – in fact, they probably experience that lack of control even more than adults.  We can help alleviate some of that fear and stress by finding things students can control, and letting them take the lead on them.

Get More Sleep – Video

Sleep is by far the best thing we can give ourselves in this situation.  When our bodies are sleep-deprived, our amygdala (the threat-detector in the brain) is significantly more responsive, making us perceive nearly everything as a danger.  Getting enough sleep will help you remain calm, and will help your body fend off any unwanted guests.[/lgc_column]

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Stress and Strategies for Balance

Stress is a balancing act: too much and you’re overwhelmed, too little and you may not take things seriously.  Finding the right ratio is crucial to maintaining a healthy and responsible mindset.

9 Tips for Your Best Sleep

The main thing we can do to help our bodies in this situation is to get enough sleep.  Initial feedback tells us that COVID-19 gets worse if you try to “push through it” like a cold.  Our bodies need rest in order to do their jobs, so take a break from yours.

Water Your Brain

Liquids, liquids, liquids – it’s a virus, what did you expect? Hydrating is one of the most important things we can do to help our immune systems fight off an intruder.

4 Ways Students Can Relieve Stress

Experiencing a little more anxiety than you’re comfortable with?  Here are some tips on how our students can relieve some of that stress by finding the things within their control.[/lgc_column]


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Conducting Your Self-Care


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Updating Your College List