College Interview Tips and Strategies

The majority of colleges are tracking and assigning value to your demonstrated interest—actions you take that help a college gauge how much you want to enroll. As a prospective student, you can show love in a number of ways. One of the most effective ways to show your dream school that you’re interested is by participating in a college interview.

The college interview serves a purpose for both you and the college. Beyond being highly recommended (and required at some schools), it’s a chance to show that you’re more than your grades and test scores. Admissions reps are looking to discover who you really are. What motivates you? What makes you happy, sad, or angry? They are looking for: enthusiasm, intellectual promise, sense of humor, integrity, independence, leadership, personality, creativity, confidence, values.

It’s an opportunity to build upon your application. And if you’re on the cusp of acceptance, it can help tip the scale in your favor.

Below are some college interview tips and strategies to help:

 Know Yourself 

 Do Your Homework and Be Prepared 

 Nail the Interview 

 Use Common Sense 

Finally, follow-through is essential. Collect business cards and hand write thank-you notes after your interview.

Good luck!