The PrepMatters Vocab App

 VocabMatters is the ultimate vocabulary expanding tool. It features over 1,300 commonly tested vocabulary words; design based on spaced-repetition and implicit learning research; and a clean, streamlined interface. PrepMatters has taken pains to make studying vocabulary painless, so you can learn new vocabulary more easily than ever before.

Start studying today with two efficient and fun modes:

Flashcard Mode

  • Choose from among 5 decks of varying difficulty, designed for industrious SSAT students and SAT students who wish to be scintillated. VocabMatters is no soporific for GRE takers and adult professionals, either. Challenge yourself with only the most difficult card deck or comprehensively study them all.
  • Flash Cards are displayed according to the Leitner “spaced-repetition” principle. Over 50 years of educational research validate the elegant efficiency of this approach to learning.
  • Sentences ranging from the brief “Portugal abuts Spain” to the whimsical “The car’s capacious interior allowed Dillon to deliver her giant metal chicken statues” provide helpful context for new vocabulary.

Quiz Mode

  • Game-like play facilitates implicit learning and helps you meet your vocabulary learning goals.
  • 30 increasingly difficult levels balance short-term feedback with long-term mastery.
  • Dynamic question ordering – never play the exact same level twice!
  • Six challenge levels pull from the cumulative vocabulary tested up to that point – play continues until you miss a question.
  • Exciting, innovative, and fun design helps you track your progress.



Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Requires iOS 4.2 or later.