How Parents Can Help Teens Overcome the Pressure and Succeed

Conquering the SAT: How Parents Can Help Teens Overcome the Pressure and SucceedWe at PrepMatters are pleased to announce the publication of our first  book: Conquering the SAT: How Parents Can Help Teens Overcome the Pressure and Succeed.

This insightful and practical guide shows how parents often inhibit their teen’s performance on the most stressful standardized tests, and what strategies will remedy the problem.

In recent years, standardized testing has taken on fearsome proportions, as the competition for slots at major universities continues to grow. Success is now as much a matter of navigating the maze of changing testing structures, crippling self-conceptions, and family dynamics as it is about memorizing vocabulary cards.

PrepMatters tutors Ned Johnson and Emily Warner Eskelsen tackle the trials of the SAT head-on, showing that the way our culture perceives the SAT is just as important as the answers teens fill in.

What people are saying…

“A good college education is more important than ever in today’s global economy. Desirable or not, standardized tests are an essential element to college admissions. Johnson and Warner have written an insightful and common-sense guide on how to prepare for these tests; we know how good they are– two of our children are PrepMatters alumni.”
—Judy Woodruff

“Johnson and Eskelsen write in an encouraging and positive tone that will inspire parents to not only fully believe in their children’s success, but to gain a better understanding of what their teen is going through…Sound advice…”

“There is much that is vexed about the college admissions process–not least the role of the SAT. Few people have more wisdom about the process or empathy for its objects–our children–than Ned Johnson. He shares in this important book the wise counsel he has been providing his lucky pupils.”
—Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary for President Clinton, former President of Harvard University

“Test prep guru Ned Johnson brilliantly distills his wisdom, experience, and insightful analysis into an indispensable and engagingly readable guide for navigating the rocky shoals of the SAT. Required reading for all parents of college-bound students.”
—Victoria McMullen, M.Ed., Reading Specialist, Rockville, Maryland

“Ned Johnson is a benevolent example of the visionary American entrepreneur. His meticulously crafted teaching techniques have resulted in thousands of young students increasing their overall self-confidence through dramatically improved test scores. My son benefited greatly from Ned’s insightful and sensitive tutoring. Ned will continue to successfully lead Generation X through the minefield of standardized testing.”
—George Crowley, Crowley Tech

“Every person that so much as glances at this book should take its lessons to heart. When Ned was my SAT tutor, he scribbled some words of advice on a stray notecard. ‘The key to being in the zone is to focus on the process.’ I attribute the jump in my SAT score and my admission to the University of Pennsylvania to that notecard, which, five years later, still hangs in my room for inspiration.”
—Shira Epstien, University of Pennsylvania

“Ned taught me skills and strategies that I will use forever and, most importantly, build my confidence which dramatically enhanced my performance on tests.”
—Mia Ferrara, Georgetown University