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Thanks for taking the time to visit with us at NACAC this year. Click here for a copy of our slides and continue reading to learn about ways we can work together to help your students be more successful and less stressed.

PrepMatters has spent more than two decades helping kids succeed both on admissions tests and in the classroom. We’ve become DC Metro’s premier tutoring service by recognizing that while standardized tests are all the same, the students who take them can be very different. Working now with students across the globe, we know their unique personal and academic histories furnish them with different strengths marshalled in the  service of widely disparate goals. In much the same way, schools in search of test preparation services also have vastly different needs. PrepMatters takes a consultative approach, working with parents, schools, and kids to build programs and events consonant with both school values and students’ identities as learners.

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Stay Connected with Us

We serve our students best when we can stay connected with and learn from other professional colleagues such as teachers, counselors, and educational testers. You can sign up for our mailing list in order to receive regular updates, such as our popular Junior Tip Sheets or Senior Tip Sheets, which contain resources you and your students might find helpful.

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Student Referrals

Contact Allison Cox, our Counselor Liaison, to register your student for one-on-one tutoring, offered seven days a week, at one of our three DC Metro area offices or globally via remote tutoring platforms.

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Proctored Practice Tests

Our proctored practice tests simulate actual testing conditions and test content. We use officially released exams and provide students with diagnostic reports that include both scores and feedback on specific areas that need review.

The logistics of the initial diagnostic tests can vary depending upon your needs and the level of engagement you prefer. Options include:

  • In-School Diagnostic: We can either proctor the test ourselves or we can provide a complete test-in-a-box experience for your staff to proctor the exams themselves. Detailed proctoring scripts and instructions are included as well as a live contact at PrepMatters for any questions or concerns that arise during testing.
  • Online diagnostic: Students can take diagnostic tests as a group from different locations at school or at home. Students will be given a zoom link to join a group web conference with PrepMatters staff. A live proctor administers the test and is available to answer any questions students might have during the process.


Individual student score reports will be provided as well as a report for the school compiling all student data to help educators understand how their students are performing in the aggregate. Both parents and students will be invited to a follow-up meeting during which scores are explained and questions will be answered.

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Faculty Professional Development Workshops

We have extensive experience speaking to groups on a range of issues that might be useful to your staff as they relate to your school’s curriculum: SAT vs. ACT and the High School Curriculum, Subject Tests and APs: A Changing Landscape, or Planning Students’ Testing Calendars , to name a few.

If we’ve given a proctored practice test, we will also be prepared to present aggregate diagnostic information to interested faculty or school staff if desired. In addition, we hope to learn more about your school’s curriculum and how it might affect the preparedness of students for the content of the test. (What sorts of math tracks exist? How or when is grammar taught? How much timed writing do students do?)

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Parent Seminars

Parental support and involvement often play a critical role in the test preparation process. Success on these high-stakes exams is as much about overcoming anxiety and making good decisions as it is about understanding grammar rules or geometry formulas. Students’ understanding of the relative importance of these exams and what’s required to be successful in negotiating them are often shaped in the home. PrepMatters aims to educate parents so that students hear the same message from everyone on their team: their parents, their school, and their tutors.

To that end, PrepMatters offers a variety of webinar and seminar offerings to educate families. We strive to give parents the history and purpose of these tests as well as an understanding of what they do and do not measure. We’ll help parents frame their support for their students in the most helpful way possible and answer any questions they might have about the process or expected results.

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Test Preparation Classes

Test prep classes can take a variety of forms: online or in-school, three-week crash courses or three-month rigorous classes, introductions to the different tests or a deep dive into just one. That’s why the process begins with a kickoff meeting with the school administration to determine which services make the most sense. A schematic of the most complete offering is shown to the right. PrepMatters will listen and learn to determine what makes the most sense and construct a tailored class that best meets your needs, both pedagogical and logistical.

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