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Preparing for College

College Life Skills School Admissions

Many changes are ahead, and one change that is less evident than dorm life is your academic time zone. By zone, I mean your approach to how, when, and what you study

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How to Pick a Professor

College Life Skills

Like all students, Jake began his college journey by looking for a school that was a good fit him.

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Too Many Chefs: A Simple Kitchen Tip for the College Essay

Writing a college essay School Admissions

Without a doubt, your parents, your teachers, and even that chemistry prof uncle can provide great writing guidance. However, getting too much feedback can confuse or even overwhelm you. What happens when two individuals give you suggestions that both make sense to you—but those ideas are a bit different...

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Preparing (or Not) for the PSAT

Test Prep

This year’s PSAT tests are on October 10 and October 13. The PSAT contains the same sections and types of questions as does the SAT, but it’s just a little shorter. Some junior-year students and parents wonder if it is wise to prepare for the test as fully as they likely will later on for the SAT or ACT.

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Senior Year: The Five Stages of Acceptance

Schoolwork & Studying Life Skills

College is on the horizon. Sure, you have to get through applications, essays, and one more round of courses. But it’s so close. You are jazzed, ready, and confident that your junior year, the most difficult year, is behind you, and now you’ve got this senior year thing in the bag.

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Keeping Focus in a Multi-Screen World

Life Skills Schoolwork & Studying

Junior year is much like having two monitors on your desk. On one screen, you see your current life: AP classes, debate team, culture club president, captain of the swim team. On the other monitor, sitting just next to present reality, sits future plan: college, and each screen is pulling for your attention.

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Water Your Brain

Life Skills

Hydration: not just for exercise anymore. Ned Johnson discusses cutting-edge research demonstrating the connection between dehydration and impaired cognition.

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Executive Function: Persistence

Buzzword Life Skills Schoolwork & Studying

What motivates us is shaped by all the various experiences that shape who we, so when it comes to persevering through ambivalence, uncertainty, and inner resistance, there are few shortcuts to genuine self-knowledge.

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Save Yourself from Future Trouble: Prepare for Academic Storms While You Can See Clearly

Schoolwork & Studying Life Skills

Chances are, you may be missing a few shingles here and there. Maybe your writing could use some attention. Math remediation from the end of 8th grade when you kind of checked out? Organizational skills, well, not so organized?

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5 Tips For Starting a New School Club

After Class Life Skills School Admissions

Founding a student organization is not done on a whim. It takes planning, relationship building, and hard work. When done well, it not only “looks good” for college but also can positively impact your school community for years to come.