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A Student’s Story: A Tulane Business School Success

When James Barlia was a high school senior, he had only a few thoughts about what he wanted in a college. Coming from Bullis, a small private school, he knew he didn’t want a large university. He wanted a school in the small-to-medium size range, but one large enough to have a lot of school […]

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Anticipating Your PSAT Scores

Anticipation involves a bit of hope and, perhaps, a dash of worry — an emotion involving excitement or, at times, anxiety in considering an expected event. The expected event, in this case, is the arrival of the PSAT scores in early December. Most likely, this will mark the beginning of your test prep plan and […]

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AP Classes: How Many are Enough?

Is more better?  And how would you even know?  Well, some terrific folks in college admissions actually have tried to quantify “enough.” What Are You Taking Junior Year?  I often see kids in sophomore year to plan for junior year classes, test prep, extracurriculars…  and to figure out how to strike a balance among all […]

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