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Plan: Think Before You Act

By John Jones & Maureen Delaney “Look before you leap!” This phrase means you should think, pay attention, and have your wits about you — before you make your move. It is important to think ahead and make up your own mind about what to do next so that you don’t wind up with an unwelcome […]

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Radical Downtime and the Default Mode Network

“Nothing,” John said, unable to keep a wry smile from creasing the corners of his mouth. It was June of 2014, and I had asked John about his summer plans. Nothing. No soccer camp. No internship. Coding course? Trombone competition?  Service trip? Nope. Nada. Uh-uh. Nothing. With all my zeal for being a non-anxious presence, I […]

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Buzzword: Creativity and Cognition

Among cognitive skills, creativity is sometimes looked down upon as being both frivolous and beyond our conscious control. On skeptical days, we can associate creativity with quixotic, abstract, and unpredictable art. Even if we value creativity deeply, we often believe such insights come from invisible muses, innate talent, or some particular kind of childhood. Almost […]

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