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Anticipating Your PSAT Scores

Anticipation involves a bit of hope and, perhaps, a dash of worry — an emotion involving excitement or, at times, anxiety in considering an expected event. The expected event, in this case, is the arrival of the PSAT scores in early December. Most likely, this will mark the beginning of your test prep plan and […]

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3 Tips To Build a Balanced College List

Finding the best college for you begins with self-discovery — getting to know yourself, your interests, your goals, and what’s most important. The following three steps will get you started on building and honing a college list. 1. Know Yourself Intellectual? Nonconformist? Athlete? Writer? Engineer? Which is you? How does knowing the answer help you […]

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3 Tips on Securing Your Social Media Life

I’m of the millennial generation, where we kept a heavily curated Top 8 (except for Tom … who apparently is making a return, question mark?). We haphazardly taught ourselves to code because our MySpace pages had to play music when you arrived. We existed in a time where the Internet was a thing, and what you […]

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