5 Tips to Help Your Kids with High School Admissions Decisions

We’re not breaking new ground to note that life seems to come with ups and downs. And…we want to spare our kids the downs. Still, we hope to help them make the most of challenging situations and grow from those opportunities, developing resiliency that will serve them well throughout their lives. High school admissions decisions […]

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7 Ways to Take Advantage of Sophomore Year

The transition from freshman to sophomore year of high school is rooted in refinement of the goals you have set. Decisions and choices reach a little deeper than before. Fine-tune your curriculum and continue developing expertise in your abilities and talents. Reflect on experiences from freshman year and identify academic and personal goals so that you […]

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5 Tips For Starting a New School Club

I work with a number of students who, at some point in their high school career, think about starting a new extracurricular club. On its face, this would seem to be an excellent example of leadership and an important contribution to the school community. And of course, when done correctly, it is. But any student […]

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