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In-Person School: A Return to Normalcy?

Students, families, and teachers alike were looking forward to returning to the school building this year, hoping to regain semblances of their normal routines. After last year’s virtual school and hybrid schedules, many students were eager to return to the building full-time, longing for the opportunity to socialize in person and engage in extracurricular activities […]

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How to Write the Supplemental College Essay on Your Activities

This blog is part of our series on how to write the college application supplemental essays. Check out our blogs on some of the other commonly asked questions, including those about “why us?,” diversity, creativity, and community. Briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities. Discuss its significance or why it’s been meaningful to you. […]

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5 Tips for Hitting Refresh on Extracurriculars

This fall, you’ll be heading into your school building to spend your classes, lunch, and extracurricular time with your classmates and friends. Although many of us will be masked and social distancing, it is an exciting time to get moving in all the ways that make high school a fun social experience. So, good luck […]

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