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Five Tips for Wooing Your Colleges

So, Valentine’s Day isn’t far off, and that prompts the eternal question: does absence make the heart grow fonder? I must respond with a wholehearted yes — at least with regard to those colleges and universities that track demonstrated interest, or DI. When separated from those we care about, we often reach out to them […]

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Preparing for College Interviews, Whether Remote or In-Person

Prepare with practice and research. Relax and reveal yourself. Remember to express yourself in writing: write a thank-you note. The college interview rarely makes or breaks an admission decision, but it can be an important component of your application. Before you even begin to get nervous, however, check to see if the interview is a […]

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The 360° on Demonstrated Interest

First, let’s define demonstrated interest; after that, we can explore how it can help you make an informed decision regarding your college choice. “I thought demonstrated interest was me telling colleges that I am really interested in them?!” Yes, this is true. You are the one reaching out to colleges, and demonstrated interest is an […]

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