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High School Course Selection: Plan, Balance, and Tell Your Story

One of the most critical and yet often least-considered choices you make in high school is your annual selection of classes. Through 8th grade, your classes have mostly been decided for you, but with the freedom and independence of high school comes the pressure of starting to determine your own academic pathway. Some students float […]

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So, Can I Drop French?

It’s course registration season, one of the most empowering moments during the early years of high school. Especially as you near the halfway mark, the end of your sophomore year, it is important to think strategically and reflectively as you make your choices. Often, the junior year course selection offers you more choices than in […]

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Juggling AP Courses

Taking AP courses is de rigueur for most college-bound students these days: the number of AP tests given by the College Board doubled in the last ten years, after doubling in the ten years before that as well. So read on if you’re one of those students staring down multiple APs and wondering how you’re […]

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