Tag: College and Coronovirus

Making the Best of Online Learning

There may be less transition time, less time being lectured about discipline issues, or less time waiting (for busses, teachers, and so on). There’s plenty to be said about working efficiently, and we’ll be following up with you every month about ways to be more tactical in your work.

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Launching the College Search

Yay! Summer is just around the corner! Your virtual classes will come to an end, and new ideas and activities will replace the routine of Zoom meetings and homework. But what will summer look like this year? Will it be more of the same or will it hold something more? Life right now requires us […]

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Admission Cycle 2020: Waitlists

Hello, Seniors: First, I want to say congratulations for your creativity, keen focus, kinetic flexibility, and social dexterity. You have demonstrated that you are college ready. You are definitely groundbreakers and history-makers because the activity of choosing a college under the current circumstances is not easy. Even the timing of decisions is variable. Some of […]

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