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3 Things That Help Parents Raise Successful Learners

As the new school year approaches, it’s a good time for goal setting. Many parents spend time thinking of ways to help their children have better academic success and higher test scores. Here are three things to help us as parents raise successful learners.  1. Optimal success? Foster optimal brains.  When kids are trying to […]

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5 Healthy Sleep Tips for Students and Parents

A  recent blog  of mine focused on the Nobel Prize award in Physiology or Medicine 2017 to Hall, Rosbash, and Young “for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm.” I thought I’d take the opportunity to drill down a bit into what stands in our way of a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts […]

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10 Steps to Writing a College Essay That Gets Noticed

The college essay is your personal touch — an opportunity to demonstrate your writing and communications skills and prove your readiness for college-level work. Remember that writing a college essay reveals a glimpse of who you are and your unique personality – it’s your voice. Expressing yourself through this written exercise adds a three-dimensional quality […]

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