A Roadmap for High School Students and Parents

We know high school so well,
we wrote a guide!

Download our guide to learn how to avoid common pitfalls, smoothly navigate through four years of high school, and plan for college.

From freshman to senior year, we’ve got you covered.

The PrepMatters Educational Planning Guide for High School Students and Parents is now available and ready with important insights for planning, setting, and realizing academic goals.

Educational planning is essential to academic success; however, too many students and parents are at a loss for a place to start. Our guide offers a beginning—at any point in the process. Whether you’re looking for an edge on your next test or seeking guidance as you apply for college, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls and direct you through a successful four years of high school—and beyond.

What’s inside:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Freshman Year: The Year of Discovery
  • Chapter 2: Sophomore Year: The Year of Refinement
  • Chapter 3: The Summer Before Junior Year: Keep Learning
  • Chapter 4: Junior Year: The Year of Focus
  • Chapter 5: Senior Year: The Year of Consistency
Educational Planning Guide

Our guide can help students and parents understand educational planning.

We’ll assist with:

  • Planning course selection, academic support, and test preparation
  • Assessing academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Building personal stories that will set them apart from other applicants
  • Gaining beyond-the-classroom experiences that will impress admissions reps
  • Demystifying the college admissions process
  • Identifying the best college choices based on academic style, the community of students, and admissibility
  • Choosing Early Decision and Early Application strategies
  • Making a final college choice
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