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Yasmeen is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s Honors College, where she majored in Physiology & Neurobiology and minored in Spanish Language and Cultures. A top student, she graduated as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

After graduation, a friend, who shared Yasmeen’s interest in immigration issues, told her about a refugee resettlement agency in Memphis, Tennessee and encouraged her to take some time to work with that group. The thought resonated with Yasmeen whose own parents had once been immigrants to the U.S.  Yasmeen took the challenge and spent the next nine months guiding refugees through the complexities of living in a new country and adapting to a different lifestyle. In Memphis, Yasmeen saw people transform their lives and discovered her passion for helping others to become the best versions of themselves. Now, she is passionate about using her skills to make those around her stronger and more confident, and she is particularly interested in using education to lift people out of poverty and to give them the benefits of a level playing field.

Yasmeen brings to PrepMatters her international background and a desire for immigration reform. She plans to continue tutoring while eventually working toward a degree in International Education.

Yasmeen truly values learning. She has been helping kids prepare for the SAT and ACT for three years but enjoys it now more than ever. She loves taking stressful and confusing topics and making them easy for her students to understand. Her ultimate goal is to encourage in her students a lifelong love of learning.

In her free time, Yasmeen can be found meeting new people, traveling, and learning about new cultures, and that includes scoping out the cities, towns, and restaurants in her home state of Maryland.


My goal is to empower students to make an impact on the world. Standardized tests shouldn’t stop anyone from reaching their dreams. With the correct training and motivation, students have the ability to achieve the scores they want – and without giving up every minute of free time. We live busy lives, and nobody wants to spend hundreds of hours in test prep. I teach students how to work hard, learn effectively, and stay organized. I encourage them to keep their eyes on the big picture while staying focused on the details. Lastly, I remind students to find ways to manage stress. In order to succeed, they need the correct tools for being in control of their education and yet, when the pressure is on, knowing how to stay calm and focused.

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Yasmeen was an excellent tutor choice for my son, who passed the ACT with his target score first time round. She always gave him clear feedback after taking the practice tests, and he had practical guidance that he could apply in the real exam. I want to say thank you for supporting him in this journey, and for the achievement we are truly proud of.

- TDK's Mum