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  • Bethesda, MD
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ACT and SAT test strategies tutor, Susan Dykeman is a graduate of the Sidwell Friends School. She earned a B.A. in Literature, cum laude, from Yale University and studied Biology and Ecology at UCLA after graduation. She earned a California Teaching Certificate in Secondary Science, and taught Biology and Ecology for three years in the Los Angeles school system. Since returning to the DC area, Ms. Dykeman has tutored at PrepMatters for over a dozen years and picked up a Masters in Acupuncture and a certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine along the way. She now splits her time between her two great passions: teaching and Chinese medicine. “While these two endeavors may seem quite different at first glance, they actually share much in common. Both involve bringing considerable skill and attention to bear on areas of great personal concern for clients.”


I’ve always enjoyed taking standardized tests, and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm (and ACT + SAT test strategies) with students. It’s great to empower students by exposing the predictable structure of the tests, and by helping them to elucidate their own personal test-taking style. This understanding, coupled with plenty of practice, reduces anxiety and increases test-taking confidence and ease. It’s so satisfying to see a student’s efforts translate into improved scores, as they can carry their sense of self-knowledge and achievement with them into their future endeavors.

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