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Shilpy is a native Tennessean who attended Tulane University in New Orleans with a keen interest in science and believed she was bound for medical school and a life devoted to public health. After some more exposure to the innumerable ways science informs public health, she discovered that she was more interested in the scientific question and how to get to the answer than inpatient care. Shilpy graduated with a degree in psychology focusing on the brain and behavior research, and an unexpected minor is classics. Shilpy returned to her own high school, The Webb School, and spent three years as science faculty while completing a Masters’s degree in Experimental Psychology, specifically investigating the role of cognitive-behavioral interventions in the classroom. She went on to complete a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University in 2017, where her research primarily focused on the detrimental effect of vitamin C deficiency in the aging brain.


While understanding the brain and all its quirks have been a specific goal for Shilpy, it was during graduate school that she realized how much she enjoyed teaching and mentorship when she started tutoring high school and undergraduate students in Nashville. Her dedication to community outreach and effective ways to encourage scientific engagement allowed her to develop the teaching chops to reach broad audiences from kindergartners to baby boomers. Shilpy now spends her days at the NIH where she hopes to make sleep deficiency awareness and intervention part of the national conversation… because it’s good for the brain!


The hardest part of any new endeavor is taking that first step and every student faces unique challenges that are often difficult to navigate alone. I believe building resilience through healthy habits and mindfulness will lead to success more often than expecting perfection. I have found that taking the time to get to know my students and leading with honesty and compassion is the best way to help them find their own way through whatever challenges they face.

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