Jonathan Inbal



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After completing his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Stony Brook University, Jonathan embarked on what was supposed to be one summer teaching the SAT in Korea. Five years and two dozen countries later, he returned to the US to continue his studies and continue teaching. He has taught and tutored in Seoul, Jakarta, Washington DC, and his native New York City. He is currently working on a math PhD at the University of Maryland, with a focus on evolutionary biology, and is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for a wide range of subjects.


The best a teacher can aspire to is to leave behind students who are motivated and have the confidence to continue learning on their own. The tutor’s job is to demonstrate how seemingly complex tasks are fundamentally composed of many simple ones. When students gain this understanding, it not only helps them master the particular tests or subjects on which they’re working, but it also demystifies the process of learning advanced material in general – an invaluable skill for their future endeavors.

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