James Murphy

Digital Media Manager





James is the first point of contact for clients seeking PrepMatters counseling and essay services. As PrepMatters Educational Counseling Concierge, James manages the complexities of onboarding all educational planning clients. Originally from the chilled woodlands of Underhill, Vermont, James harbors a deeply rooted need to experience whatever he can, a desire to share in the stories of others, and an overabundance of state pride (like most other Vermonters). After beginning his undergraduate studies at American University in Washington, DC, James moved to Richmond, VA, where he completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Performance at Virginia Commonwealth University. From portraying R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, to waiting tables on Chicago’s Navy Pier, James has experienced a potpourri of life’s offerings and looks forward to many more adventures ahead. James also enjoys video editing, creative cooking, and playing board games with friends long into the night.