Andrew DuFresne

Senior Tutor


  • Academic Support
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Math
  • Physics


  • ACT
  • AP Exams
  • IB
  • MCAT
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • Subject Tests


  • Remote (Zoom, etc.)
  • Tenleytown, DC


Andrew is a scientist with a passion for teaching. He has an insatiable desire to make science more relatable and have it connect better with audiences, broader communities, and society at large. He helps students feel confident and knowledgeable in science and math and helps them break down, analyze, and conquer standardized tests. His goal is not to convince every student he or she should or will love science and math; rather, his goal is to demonstrate that whatever a student does love and enjoy can be connected to science and math in one way or another. He works to improve the clarity of material his students need to know, communicates with his students in order to treat learning like the dialogue that it should be, and provides context for information and illustrates its relevance to his students. He uses a scientific approach to test prep as well, which can provide comfort and security: stick to the right set of methods and the desired result will be achieved.

While earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Andrew complemented his early entry into the lab with working as a Teaching Assistant for a genetics course, completing a project and report at the Johnson Space Center for NASA on the societal impact of Mars exploration, and training scientists at Johnson & Johnson on the use of robotics in the lab. As an undergraduate, he was recognized with a number of honors, including institutional awards and inductions into Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society, and Phi Sigma, the national biological sciences honor society. Fueled by his childhood aspiration to cure cancer, Andrew earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cellular, and Molecular Biology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His research projects were translational and clinical in nature and incorporated several disciplines, such as pharmacology and virology.

Andrew then transitioned away from the lab bench and to the front of the classroom. He has taught a professional development workshop on science communication at George Washington University; taught for the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH); participates in a number of science, engineering, and policy groups; serves as President of the Tau Beta Pi Washington, DC Alumni Chapter of the National Engineering Honor Society; and consults on academic programs and course design. He also manages to bend the space-time continuum and finds time to spend with his family, travels, truly enjoys good food, plays the piano and saxophone, appreciates nature and the great outdoors, and expects to eventually get back to épée fencing.


There are numerous ways in which we each prefer to learn and absorb information. It is virtually impossible for a teacher of an entire classroom to relate to every student and target each and every preferred learning style. One-on-one tutoring allows me to focus entirely on an individual student, determine his or her unique perspective, and cover the material in a way that comes naturally to the student. Performing well requires effort, patience, and a positive outlook from both teacher and student. Once we figure out as a team how to make something difficult and complex become easier and straightforward, nothing will stand in your way.

Recent Writings


Andrew is one of the best tutors my daughter has ever had. Andrew has gone above and beyond helping her with college chemistry. She says he explains the concepts so well to her. Andrew is an amazing teacher and he has helped build my daughter’s confidence in the sciences. He is always willing to find time to Skype with her and we really appreciate all of his help. As an tutor and a person- Andrew is priceless.

- Washington University parent

“We love Andrew!!!  A series of sessions helped raise some of my daughter’s ACT scores by 10 points from her original practice test. He’s amazing!!!”

- Walt Whitman High School parent

“Andrew provided our son with the support and tools he needed to be a successful ACT test taker. We appreciate Andrew’s immediate understanding of our son’s strengths and “weaknesses” and his ability to offer guidance and confidence-building strategies that were essential to our son’s progress.”

- Potomac School parent

“Andrew provided tremendous support to our son as he prepared for the ACT. It is challenging for students to complete their course prep work while still studying for school. Andrew was able to inspire our son to complete his prep work and take multiple practice tests. My son benefited tremendously from Andrew’s patient instruction and guidance. We look forward to working with Andrew again with our younger son.”

- Sidwell Friends School parent

“We have been very happy with Andrew. He is not only smart and quite knowledgeable, but has a good sense of humor and is thoughtful and empathetic with the students during a time that can be quite stressful for them. The whole team has been quick  and responsive.”

- Walt Whitman High School parent

The service we have been getting from Mr. Andrew DuFresne has been most wonderful.  We sincerely appreciate his assistance with my son.  I will definitely recommend Mr. DuFresne to my friend and others.


I had two weeks before my ACT and I needed help on the math section. Andrew DuFresne fit me into his schedule for multiple appointments in those two weeks, and on the real test I scored a few points higher than I had ever scored before, which helped increase my overall score.

- Will B.

Andrew has tutored my two older sons to prepare for standardized tests (ACT, SAT and subject SATs) for college applications and high school AP exams.  Over the years, my sons have had tutor support from a few different tutors, but I have to say Andrew is the best.  He is super smart, relates very well to students ranging in ages and most importantly has motivated my kids with his positive and inspiring attitude and approach.   The results have been great; top notch ACT scores, confident college applicants and good college choices.  I am already booking Andrew for my youngest son who starts high school in the fall.  I can’t imagine going through the college application process without his very valuable support and coaching for the kids.

- A DC Mom of 3