Together we have over 150 years and 100,000 hours of helping kids succeed.

PrepMatters is its talented tutoring services staff. We’re the best at what we do for three reasons: expertise, professionalism and commitment. Our tutors have all been successful on tests and in the classroom and are all college graduates, many with advanced degrees. Their experience is supplemented by rigorous training, their instincts honed by years of experience, and their work inspired by a deep love of helping kids.

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Aaron Golumbfskie

Senior Tutor & Education Director See Profile
"Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result." - Oscar Wilde Read More

Ana Laura Carignani

Senior Tutor See Profile
I love education so much that, when I’m not tutoring, I volunteer to take 10 years olds out on nature hikes in freezing weather and teach geometry proofs to 4th graders. Read More

Ashley Newman-Owens

Tutor See Profile
Likes: cracking pun-tastic crosswords, turning phone numbers into math statements, sweating liberally, and bringing math detractors to the right side of the equation. Read More

Laura Moore

Tutor See Profile
Math therapist. Bug school graduate. Test writer. Dirt enthusiast. Read More

Ned Johnson

President & Tutor-Geek See Profile
President and head tutor-geek. Author. Speaker. Over 35,000 hours of tutoring, motivating and managing anxiety to help kids succeed. Read More

Rachel Jones

Tutor & Director of Curriculum See Profile
Literally wrote the books on test prep. Read More

Ryan Warren

Tutor & Creative Director See Profile
Let's climb into confusion and fight our way out. Read More

Tom Manula

Senior Tutor See Profile
There's just something likable about Tom. Even when he eats the M&Ms out of the trail mix. Read More