Admission Cycle 2020: Waitlists

Hello, Seniors:

First, I want to say congratulations for your creativity, keen focus, kinetic flexibility, and social dexterity. You have demonstrated that you are college ready. You are definitely groundbreakers and history-makers because the activity of choosing a college under the current circumstances is not easy. Even the timing of decisions is variable. Some of you have a plan in place, while others will be active in an admissions cycle that will likely extend late into the summer months.

About Waitlists

Colleges are particularly challenged this year in predicting who will show up on campus in September. Current students may choose to transfer to a school nearer to their family, and members of the Class of 2020 may rethink their college start and instead activate a gap year or choose a regional college in order to stick closer to home. In addition, economic hardship has altered college plans for many students.

As a result, colleges are very eager to enroll students.  College under COVID-19 may offer applicants a wider set of options through the activation of waitlists. Colleges started admitting students from their waitlists early this year and in much larger numbers than in the past. Summer 2020 will likely remain active with regard to college admissions as schools reach out to engage new students. In addition to the waitlist activity, and, as a result of a 2019 antitrust settlement with the Department of Justice, colleges can continue to recruit students throughout the admission cycle, thus creating more activity during the summer months than we’ve seen in previous years.

 As a larger number of students receive offers in the late spring and summer, remember to think carefully if options continue to open up for you. This scenario also applies to those who have been placed on a waitlist. Stay committed to the process and keep your final decision in motion. Colleges are extending offers, and many of them are requiring responses within 24 or 48 hours. Keep calm during this time and consider these tips in making your final choice.

Engage your parents and counselor for support. This is the time to use your best decision-making skills. If you need help with a specific action plan in order to respond to a school’s invitation to its waitlist, contact us. We can help. Thinking carefully about the various aspects of life is a constructive strategy and will most likely yield a very successful outcome.