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3 Tips To Build a Balanced College List

Finding the best college for you begins with self-discovery — getting to know yourself, your interests, your goals, and what’s most important. The following three steps will get you started on building and honing a college list. 1. Know Yourself Intellectual? Nonconformist? Athlete? Writer? Engineer? Which is you? How does knowing the answer help you […]

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“Do My Senior Grades Matter?”

No matter how often we get this question, we are still perplexed. We think, “Of course they matter!” Still, it’s not unusual for an aggressively hard-working, disciplined senior to be looking for the light at the end of the tunnel after years of grinding out assignments, never missing soccer practice, all while leading the debate […]

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10 Steps to Writing a College Essay That Gets Noticed

The college essay is your personal touch — an opportunity to demonstrate your writing and communications skills and prove your readiness for college-level work. Remember that writing a college essay reveals a glimpse of who you are and your unique personality – it’s your voice. Expressing yourself through this written exercise adds a three-dimensional quality […]

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