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5 Tips for Hitting Refresh on Extracurriculars

This fall, you’ll be heading into your school building to spend your classes, lunch, and extracurricular time with your classmates and friends. Although many of us will be masked and social distancing, it is an exciting time to get moving in all the ways that make high school a fun social experience. So, good luck […]

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You, Only More So: Junior Year Extracurriculars During COVID-19

These are strange times, but staying at home doesn’t mean becoming a recluse. Contact your friends and get creative!  Juniors, here’s a bit of advice as you find yourself finishing out the academic year online. Remote connections are the way to go these days, but distance learning and social distancing shouldn’t get you to the […]

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Selective High School Summer Programs

The temperature is cooling down and leaves are changing colors. School is well underway and the calendar is speeding toward Thanksgiving holiday festivities. Why is summer planning suddenly up for discussion now? There is a practical answer to this question: selective summer programs for high school students may have surprisingly early deadlines in the late […]

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