Brad Harris

Tutor/Essay Specialist


  • Academic Support
  • Application Essays
  • Government
  • History- US
  • History- World
  • Literature
  • Writing


  • ACT
  • AP Exams
  • GRE
  • PSAT
  • SAT


  • Bethesda, MD


Brad has been an educator, theatre/film professional, and academic for the past ten years. Ever the Renaissance Man, Brad received concentrations in political science, theatre, and film at Sarah Lawrence College before working professionally in the film and theatre industry for several years in New York City. During this time, to eschew the starving artist cliche, Brad worked as a teacher, private test prep tutor, and college essay specialist with a variety of companies, non-profits, and independently. Ultimately, Brad was the founder of a small group of tutors and artists called the Brooklyn Tutoring Collective who helped students achieve success in both test preparation and private art lessons.

After realizing that he enjoyed his day job of teaching more than the vicissitudes of the art world, Brad decided to pursue a dual M.A. in Educational Social Studies and Theatre from New York University. He then followed up his training with two years of teaching History, English, Theatre, and serving as the head of the Test Prep department at Bay Ridge Prep. Upon returning to his hometown of Washington D.C., Brad taught at St. John’s College High School in the English Department. Brad’s intellectual focus as both student and educator has been on finding the intersections between the arts and educational forms of political engagement.


My approach to tutoring is one of self-empowerment and student ownership of their own process. As a team, students and I strike this balance adjusting instruction to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, getting students engaged with an easy going attitude, and challenging students in a manner that motivates them to achieve for their own sake.

As an essay specialist my focus is on guiding students to find their own voice as a writer. Working under the mantra of ‘show rather than tell,’ I am able to work with students to help them write essays that are simultaneously authentic and captivating.

In summation, my overall goal as an educator is to teach students a variety of means of understanding through an interdisciplinary approach. It is my ultimate goal, in any academic or artistic teaching role, to inspire students to become lifelong learners.