Adam Liebendorfer



  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math


  • AP Exams
  • Subject Tests


  • Bethesda, MD
  • Tenleytown, DC


Hailing from Ohio, Adam worked for years as a reporter before transitioning to biomedical research, having written for The Washington Post, NPR, and The Indianapolis Star. Academically, he earned a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from Ohio University and later received a Fulbright Award to obtain an M.A. in International Journalism in the United Kingdom. Later, he completed premedical classes at Goucher College and hopes to enter medical school. In the years since graduating from college he has helped dozens of students excel in STEM classes as well as find their voice in personal statements and grant proposals. In addition to working for PrepMatters, Adam researches pain management at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and previously conducted computational biology research for the National Institutes of Health. When he’s not doing research or tutoring, he can be found running the trails of the D.C. area and volunteering with mental health non-profits in Maryland.


There was a joke we had at the college newspaper that journalists were so bad at math, we needed calculators just to order a coffee. Nowadays, most of everything I do revolves around math. My shift from journalism to medicine has shown me that with the proper preparation and a drive to follow up on what we don’t feel confident on can lead us to achievements that may even surprise us. The key to this is thoughtfulness at every step—the awareness to admit when you guessed an answer on a practice standardized test, the clarity to see when a go-to study technique has lost is usefulness, the openness to ask the right questions about a homework assignment. Cultivating this thoughtfulness spills over into other aspects of a student’s life. I have seen those whom I’ve helped teach find that they are able to focus better and longer on their studies. Come test day, it’s this stamina and discipline from thoughtful preparation that will make the difference.