Rachel Jones

Tutor & Director of Curriculum


  • Academic Support
  • English
  • Literature
  • Math
  • Spanish


  • ACT
  • AP Exams
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • Subject Tests


  • Bethesda, MD
  • McLean, VA


Rachel Jones has over fifteen years of experience as an instructor and tutor at the high school, college, and graduate level. In addition to her tutoring, she also helps to create and develop the PrepMatters curriculum: she has authored practice tests, instructional manuals, workbooks, calculator programs, and more. A Chevy Chase native, Rachel graduated from B-CC High School before going on to earn a BA in philosophy and political science from Boston University and a JD from Columbia University. In her free time, she can generally be found solving puzzles, wandering around the internet, and spending time with her husband and son.


Every student is different, so the best route to improving a test score is naturally different for everyone. It’s my job, as an SAT and ACT prep tutor, to get to know each student as an individual and find the learning style that works best for him or her. As one of those rare nerds who finds standardized testing fun, I am delighted to spread the love by helping to illuminate the tricks that can raise a student’s score, in whatever shape those tricks might take.


My son is very math oriented, but something about the way his high school teacher was instructing wasn’t working for him. I’m so thankful we found Rachel. It was worth every penny to have her help.  His frustrations dissolved and turned into self-confident understanding of the material. Thank you!

- Langley Parent

Rachel was instrumental to helping me prepare for the LSAT. Rachel not only helped me learn the fundamental skills essential to understanding the test, but she also provided helpful test taking skills and tips for remaining calm. Her encouraging and positive attitude also gave me confidence I needed every step of the way! I would definitely recommend her to any student!

- Nicole A., University of Virginia

Rachel is an amazing tutor! She is obviously brilliant, but more importantly, she knows how to connect with her students. She is able to break these standardized tests down for her students and teach them how to unravel the puzzle. My two daughters, who have very different personalities and learning styles, both really enjoyed working with her. She was such a positive force for them that they were confident and excited to take the test to see what progress they had made. This was quite a feat as one of my girls started out extremely anxious about the process. With Rachel’s incredible skill and patience, all stress can be removed from test-taking.

- Joanne B., Bethesda