Nicole Henry



  • Math


  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT


  • McLean, VA
  • Remote (Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, etc.)


Not everyone is a math geek by nature, but Nicole has enough math love for three, making one of the most daunting parts of standardized tests more accessible and understandable to her students. Growing up down the street from NASA Goddard, Nicole was imbued early on with scientific curiosity. She took this curiosity westward with her when she earned her B.S. in Pure Mathematics at UCLA. Along the way, she discovered and developed her talent for tutoring while helping her friends and classmates with mathematics. Nicole got hooked on the joy and challenge of making the abstruse comprehensible and of helping students crack the code on math word problems. After UCLA, she turned her sights back East where she attended the University of Akron in Ohio (not the same charms as California, but cool in its own way!), earning her Masters in Applied Mathematics. Nicole further developed her talent for tutoring by teaching Algebra (students know, the foundational component of math success) and staffing the drop-in math tutoring lab. Completing the circle and back home in the DC area, Nicole taught Physics at ISA Alexandria and a litany of standardized tests for PrepMatters including SSAT tutoring.


All students bring different sets of skills and strengths to the tests they are trying to conquer. By building on core strengths and helping students learn the consistent logic (sometimes consistent il-logic!) and content of the ACT or SAT, as a team we will develop and master a set of tools and methods that are specifically suited to each individual through ACT, SAT or SSAT Tutoring.