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One on one tutoring specialist, Emmy, was born in France, but raised in Washington D.C. While attending an international school, Emmy earned her B.A. in Psychology and Communication Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Although very much interested in psychological science, Emmy found herself more drawn to the intervention and education aspect of her program. Volunteering regularly in a French classroom as well as becoming very involved in an Educational Psychology laboratory, she began to lay the groundwork for a professional gear-change. Feeling disillusioned by psychological research and its lack of substantial, large-scale, real-life implementation, Emmy decided to focus on what she believed to be a more tangibly impactful field: education, and traveled to Costa Rica after graduation to become a TEFL-certified English teacher.


I believe in focusing on understanding before anything. As a student, being able to explain WHY you have chosen to use a particular vocabulary word, verb, tense,concept, etc. is crucial for successfully internalizing information and being able to apply it in novel situations, and it’s also a great confidence builder! Every student has the potential to do this given the right learning tools and methods, and that’s where I come in with one on one tutoring!