SAT Test Closings

Q: How do I know if my SAT is canceled?

A: College Board will email you if your test center has closed. You can also check the list of test center closings or listen to local media. Keep in mind as test centers can close at a moment’s notice, you may arrive to a test center only to find that it has closed without notice.

Q: So, what should I do if I do not know whether the SAT is on for me?
A: Plan as though it is on. Go through your usual routine, including getting snacks and a good night’s sleep. Arrive on time to the test center. Being super early is not necessary. Keep your fingers crossed!

Q: What happens if my test center is closed and the test is canceled?

A: Your test fees will be refunded. College Board will also make efforts and arrangements to reschedule the SAT later in March at your test center or another center nearby. If College Board cannot reschedule the test or the date chosen does not work for you, you can register for the May 2 or June 6 SAT.

Q: But what if I don’t know whether my test will be rescheduled?
A: You should know within two weeks whether your SAT can be rescheduled, well in advance of the April 3 deadline to register for the May 2 SAT.  

Q: Can I just go take the SAT at another test center that has not closed?
A: No, students may not “walk in” or move their registration to another testing site for the March 14 SAT.

Q: What should I do then?
Sleep in. Enjoy the day. If it helps, take a practice test to keep your skills sharp.  You’ll get your chance.