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Pricing & Payments

Each student works one-on-one with a designated PrepMatters expert in the field.

Tutoring and Test Preparation

On average, students see our specialists for 12-15 weeks for test preparation. Each session generally lasts 1 hour, which includes:

  • 50 minutes of instruction
  • 10 minutes of correspondence with parents and tutor note-taking

Our pricing structure reflects our commitment to hiring and keeping the best tutors in the business to facilitate this customized approach.  The range of fees covers individual tutors depending upon specialty and availability.

We will recommend tutors to you based on your need and discuss pricing before any tutoring or educational planning begins.

Learn more about our tutors.

Educational Planning

Educational Planning is personal and individualized. Students and their families first engage in a counseling assessment with a counselor to establish themselves as clients. The assessment gives the counselor an opportunity to thoroughly review students’ academic records and supporting documentation (e.g., transcripts, tests, reports) and to understand the interests and goals of students and their families as a preface to establishing an educational strategy plan for pursuing admissions. The fee for the assessment—which includes two office visits (approximately 90-minutes and 60-minutes), records review and development of an educational strategy plan—is $1,750.

In order to best meet each client’s specific needs for supplemental services or assistance in further developing the educational strategy plan, we provide our services à la carte. This structure is designed to give our clients the freedom to use our services as much or as little as needed. Counselors charge for all of the time they dedicate to each client and bill by the hour in 15-minute increments.

Billable services include:

  • In-office and phone appointments
  • In-office essay, resume, and application creation, or draft review sessions
  • In-office mock interviews

Additional billable services provided outside of office and phone appointments include:

  • Review and preparation of substantive email correspondence*
  • Review of academic records and any educational testing
  • Review of essay topics, outlines, or drafts
  • Review of applications, resumes, and letters
  • Contacting an institution official on a client’s behalf
  • Research specific to a client’s situation or performed on his/her behalf

*does not include emails relating only to scheduling

Educational Planning: $300-450
Review or Creation of Essays/Resumes/ Applications:  $250-$450

Our counselors' hourly rates are determined by their respective levels of expertise and experience.

Payment Options

PrepMatters requires pre-service registration for all clients. Separate registration is required for each student, even for a sibling of a current or former client.  For clients receiving both tutoring and educational counseling services, there is a separate registration form for each department that is sent to a client upon initiating contact with PrepMatters.

PrepMatters asks that clients pay for services by credit card. Clients are invited to contact the accounts manager at (301) 951-0350 (ext. 101), to discuss billing questions.

If you have payment concerns, a tutor request, or specific needs that we should consider, please be sure to let us know during your registration process. That way, we can best accommodate your unique requirements.

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