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Preparing for the College Interview

School Admissions

Prepare for the college interview with practice and research. Relax and reveal yourself. Express yourself in writing with a resume…

prepmatters-vd-r04 prepmatters-vd-r04

Why You Should Unplug This Thanksgiving

Life Skills

Please don’t post pics of your turkey dinner. Don’t Instagram your far-flung family with photos of your goings-on while ignoring…

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A recent blog of mine focused on the Nobel Prize award in Physiology or Medicine 2017 to Hall, Rosbash, and Young “for their discoveries…

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The Most Important SSAT Vocabulary Word

Test Prep

SSAT at Home, Part Two: Verbal As many parents remember, and as many teenagers are regrettably learning, a strong vocabulary…

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The Culture Shock of Adjusting to College


California dreaming! That was Elena during her last years of high school as she contemplated where she wanted to go…